2010 Plainfield Quilt Guild Show Pictures

Here are the photos from this past weekends quilt show.  The Plainfield Quilt Guild put on another great show, the quilts were gorgeous and the vendors were excellent.  I was able to find a couple older magazine to add to my collection along with an older quilt book that is now out of print, so I’m a happy camper!

Here’s the slide show of the photos (please remember I did my best to get pictures of each of the name tags too!  Many from this show listed the pattern designer or the source of the pattern!)


If you would like to go directly to my WebShots album and view the photos individually here’s that link:

Quilting today was excellent!  My quilting is getting so much better!  I quilted the entire queen almost king size quilt and now it just needs to be bound.  But I have lots of work to do – we leave Thursday afternoon for our first quilt show of the season that we are vending at!  So I better run and go get the trailer and start loading up!

Chat more later!


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